Official Visitation

The official visitation of our Division Commander, Division No. 3, S.K. Reverend Robert A. Witmyer, was a terrific evening. A wonderful program including a workshop on drill and tactics was held to help our newest officers in there work, and improve our commandery’s work in general. During the meeting we had several discussions about the Christmas Observance, and other religious activities we are encourage to attend.


As Sir Knight Beynon, REGC has said for his year 2018-2019,

“My theme for this year is “Put on the Whole Armor of God”. I encourage each of your Commanderies to engage in at least one Religious activity this year as a Commandery. We are Christian Knights so let us be Christians.

We have begun OUR journey with Prayer, let us continue to pray for the strength and wisdom to continue down this pilgrim’s path and show the world that we are true Knights Templar.

We have begun to Share the Blessing, let us not forget those who need a helping hand, be it for a day or an extended period. Let us continue as Templars to stretch out a helping hand and show our Templar principles.”

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